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08 August 2013


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house inspection

Well, there's so many frauds and scams happens in society and it is the part of the same. So better to check or verify the information before proceeding it further specially when it looks even a little doubtful.

Passing Stranger

Ewww. You appear to have developed a case of 'Freemen on the Land' aka Sovereign Citizen Syndrome; where you have an irritation caused by lunatics with delusions about 'Common Law'.

BTW Derek Johnson is/was also known as Ty Griffiths. He, in various personas, has been a vexatious litigant for years, suing (amongst others) the Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench, three Masters of that court and numerous mortgage companies and their lawyers; mostly this was over their refusal to recognise his mortgage fraud business as legit.
He's even mentioned in the famous Meads v Meads judgment (ABQB571)

Good luck dealing with him and his fellow nutters. And be careful, some of the footlers have gotten violent.

Sue P

I helped push this complaint thru. It was long and time consuming. It was satisfying that he was finally fined, though he never paid the fine. Today, Nov 2013 he currently has listed MILLIONS of dollars in real estate in Alberta. He is swindling people out of their homes and scamming numerous families PER home out of rents for that foreclosed home.I have taken it higher than RECA. Apparently Alberta IS~ the Wild Wild West as there is no law against stealing peoples homes in the way That Derek Johnson AKA Ty Griffiths steals them. The NUMBER ONE THING that allows him to do this is the fact that in Alberta you can sign over a Land Title without a Judges Signature or Notary Stamp. People think they are protected by Canada Law but the law hasn't caught up with the WWW.
Cops say its not a violent crime, so they will not do ANYTHING, yet they had a FIT about some guy on the subway fondling a woman's HAIR. The called ALL HANDS IN on that one.
People loose their homes and money, families who rented the foreclosed home are left homeless, and Derek Johnson LAUGHS IN THE FACE OF ALBERTA LAW as he drives his Candy Red mustang.

Rita Simmons

RECA please stop Derek Johnson...he still continuing selling real estate and ruining peoples lives.


Derek Johnson is not ty Griffiths


Derek Johnson and TY Griffiths are two different people. Derek Johnson is John Davis and other names.


Ty Griffiths is Kevin Kumar who is Laurel Cinnamons husband. They will be all in Jail soon.

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