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21 February 2013


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Rent-to-Own arrangements have been on the receiving end of skepticism for many years because of situations like this where the person putting the arrangement together is not following good practices. My hope would be that companies in the Rent-to-Own business will be mindful of keeping a good reputation and not just making a buck.

Rent-to-own arrangements can be of enormous benefit to both the buyer and the seller. If you don't know what you are doing, then enlist the help of a professional (either a real estate professional that knows the rent-to-own industry or a real estate lawyer). Rent-to-own is not a scam but there are scammers out there. If you are looking to rent-to-own, carry on but do it wisely.

rent to own property


I am very sceptical of 'rent to own' agreements because I don't feel they fairly protect both parties. Would it not be advisable to most people in this situation to look at an 'agreement of sale' instead?
Can you please address specifics on agreements of sale.

Jackie Green

Study a contract first before submitting yourself in that contract, better yet consult with a realtor or a lawyer so you would know what to do in case things turn sour. Like the incident above. And check if the Realtor is professional or licensed person to avoid future mishap.

Jackie Green
Injury Lawyer

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