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25 March 2015


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Well he has new ads on Kijijji posted today.

He also has you tube videos of him calling the RECA office on March 13 2015.

Do we not have laws in Alberta protecting us against these fraudsters and scammers? I cannot believe he has been getting away with this operation for almost 4 years. He has millions in judgements against him yet it is going on today. Time for the police and the authorities to deal with this freeman on the land.


Thank you RECA for keeping Calgary safe against fraudsters like Derek Johnson and his cronies. Are there any other authorities/agencies to help stop Derek Johnson's fraud activities?


Derek and Kevin are still continuing selling at kijiji. Here is the link to prove that he continuous to sell.
Click on other ads and you will see more house listings they are selling at kijiji.

Laurel S.

Derek Johnson reinvented himself. He is now using Satori Resource Investment and lure investors using kijiji ads :
All transactions are on emails and you tube to explain how their real estate schemes work. Good luck if you guys can ever shut this guy down. He is pretty determine to screw Canadians of their hard earned money.


Is he buying the property for himself? If yes, then you don't need a license, if for someone else, then you do need a license. How difficult is it for him to understand that simple concept?


Derek Johnson is a small gutless man preying on vulnerable people. He is the worst kind of con man. He deserves to have all his stolen funds confiscated and a good jail sentence. Go to Facebook and post your comments.


New website: http://www.realestatecouncilofcanada.ca/

scammer alert

The new reinvented scam


Real estate council of canada is unregistered and their focus is to mislead the public that they are legal. Free list, Jhoe Realestate was taken down and they had reinvented themselves as the real estate council of canada and running canadapropertyguys.com

scam watch


this is now the web site replacing satori investments.

Go here for lots of info on this group of scammers.



Glad I found this blog ! I was one day away from doing business with Derrek Johnson. He is currently workin out of kelowna British Columbia

BC Homes

Just had a call from this guy. He is apparently working for a real estate investment firm in BC. He found my privately listed property and was hoping I would sign a contract with him to sell my property which he would sell to a buyer that his firm would be financing. Looks like he has moved his business to BC :(

Raj Kaboor


The Real Estate Council Of Canada is a group of Private Independent Canadian Business people who Share resources over the internet in order to Buy and Sell Real Estate and Private Mortgage Contracts. The resources we share are each of our Time, Energy and Money.


Raj Kaboor


36 pages of Derek Ryan Johnsons activities and his new web sites RECC and his other scam web sites.


I successfully filed the first RECA complaint that resulted in the 15K fine.It was like pulling MOLARS.

Myself and at least three families were out in the street in Calgary in JANUARY because of this fraudster.

the RECA complaint was LONGER than the police report.
This guy's STING operation was so detailed it dumbfounded most of the official people I tried to report it to,
but in the end the RECA rep that nailed him for me very accurately wrapped her head around the entire thing and understood it completely.
The police... refused to do anything. Their reply was " Did he hold a gun to your head? No? Then take him to court."

I TOLD Derek I would legally DOG HIM TO DEATH.

BTW have you all seen his web page about himself and RECA?
Its triple W DOT thederekjohnsonstory DOT com


DEREK JOHNSON IS WORKING IN ALBERTA if you are a Victim or had bad dealings with him email us at

scammed.by.derekjohnson (AT) gmail.com

We are a group trying to stop him , Laurel Cinnamon /1827148 Alberta LTD. and Kevin Kumar.

We are looking for all his former victim and past victims.


There are two sides to every story.


Derek Johnson victims UNITE AT


James Bearchell

I am dealing with a guy named kevin right now at commissionfreesystems@gmail.com because of a forclosure. Is this the guy a scammer.have not signed anything yet.



more bad news for DEREK.


Anyone want all the info on DEREK RYAN JOHNSON and his scamming group.

this web site has all the info and history in one place.




Derek Johnsons new enterprise. To catch all the google searches and show his business history...........



so everyone can see the new scam from Derek Johnson and Kevin Kumar.


fraud charges for Derek Ryan Johnson and Kevin a Kumar in British Colombia


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